Are you frustrating your customers or losing them to your competition?

It doesn’t take much to lose a customer, Keep your customers happy and coming back for more. Do you operate 24/7? We do.
We can handle your out of hours calls to the high standards your customers expect. Never miss a call, never miss an order.

Nirichman Solutions are your 24 hour contact centre partner. We blend into your team so that your customers are completely taken care of and you can focus on other aspects of your business. Our call centre is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that yours doesn’t have to be.
Switch your calls to us overnight and enjoy the benefits of delivering an out of hours customer service experience:


Call centre services

We are a UK based business offering call centre services We work with businesses looking to advertise new Products.
We have 4 categories of services we offer in our call center. We can be hired per/hour, for half a day, a full day or in the evenings.

Our Services

1) Inbound Calls

Taking Orders
We are able to take orders from customers, answering questions or providing technical
2) Outbound Calls
B2B campaigns for companies
We are able to sell products on your behalf by cold calling various businesses describing your products or services and marketing or selling it to them. (We are able to do this on and international scale)
3) Telemarketing
We are able to advertise your products and services by describing key features or telling potential customers about your special discounts.
We are able to take surveys, Via our call system helping

3) Web enabled Service

Web enabled Service assisting clients when they press a "talk" or "call" button on your website
and the call comes through to Us, as the Customers may want more information before placing an order or need help desk service

4) Promoting and Selling

We make sure your customer knows about any promotions and takes advantage of any offers. Good for increasing sales revenue

5) Staying in touch with customers
This can be used to keep in touch with customers informing them of changes and asking opinions on product changes.

Call Us Now to Take your business to the next Level and join other businesses using our cost saving services. Benefit to Your Business:

1)We increase your profit

2)We protect you customers details and Respect the privacy of their contact information.

3)We save you time and money.

4)We are from the UK and are fluent in our Communication with individuals.

5) Maintaining the trust of your customers.

6) We work from our own centre and report to you daily.

7) Transparency with our reports to you

8) You never have to lose a customer again.

9) Reducing the work load of your staff.

10) Our Sales people are supervised so be rest assured you customers are well looked after

11) Generating new businesses

Who Uses Our services

Our services are used by a variety of people from Individuals to Companies both big and small. Such as:

Insurance Brokers
Travel Companies
Luxury goods Companies
Photographic Studios
Renewable energy Companies
Advice Center
Equipment Companies
Property Agents


1) Provide your company with a Customer Service response center.
2) Provide after sales customer service
3) Calling your clients on your behalf and ensuring the customer is kept in contact on a regular basis.
4) Provide Customer Service and Sales Advisor
5) TeleCom Sales Agents
6) Provide Dispatch Controller centre.
7) Holiday Cover calls are answered personally while you're away. (days, weeks, months cover)


1)Call Handling-Over flow, Out of Hours

2)Call Answering-Out of Hours, Overflow

3)Customer Service-Help Desk, Call Out,Customer Service Management, Campaign Management

4)Follow up calls- Timing - follow up calls can't wait, timing is everything

What about us is innovative, interesting or different?

We have one goal . To helps businesses by providing quality at the best prices, We are very competitive in our Cost effective pricing. Try us today.


Contact Centre that supports the demands of retailers.

Reduce your cost-- We remove costs from your business to help increase customer satisfaction by handling first time response to all queries.

Service Desk -- Help your business to function more efficiently in a flexible way.

Enhanced Sales ( telesales)---Activities include new customer acquisition, customer retention and loyalty.

Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can help you +442071180944 (Ext 3)

INDIVIDUALS, SMALL AND LARGE Businesses are welcome (We offer a cost effective short and long term solutions)