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Digital Solutions

Our digital Solutions helps you break free from traditional desk and capitalizes on other digital methods to achieve your business goals.

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Programming & Tech Solutions

At Nirichman's Programming & Tech Solutions We focus on providing solutions and realize most clients are interested in results... ... For this reason, we provide programming technologies based on our client's needs  such as Managing and handling all install and maintenance of individuals or a company's Programming & Tech... The biggest advantage of using our services is value, no IT department needed, and the security.

  • Data Analysis & Reports
  • Convert Files
  • Databases
  • User Testing
  • QA


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Research Solutions

Our Research Solutions focuses on providing Research Solutions via our team of highly skilled senior qualitative and quantitative researchers who focus on providing customer insight and strategic advice for our clients both consumer and business.

Research Works

 ★Market Research
 ★Keyword Research
 ★Online Research
 ★Niche Research
 ★Contact Research
 ★Email Research
 ★Product Research

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Database Creation

  ► Coaches Database
  ► Real Estate Agents Database
  ► Churches Database
  ► Attorneys / Lawyers Database
  ► Construction Companies Database
  ► Doctors Database
  ► Financial Advisers CFA) Database
  ► Accountants Database (CPA) Database
  ► Managers / Directors Database
  ► School & University Faculties Database
  ► Software Engineers Database
  ► Beauty & Spa Saloons Database
  ► Restaurants Database
  ► Media Reporters Database
  ► Day Care Database
  ► Event / Wedding Planners Database 
  ► Club Database


Data Fields Includes

  • ► Business Name
  • ► Address
  • ► Phone # / Fax #
  • ► Website
  • ► E-mail Address
  • ► Contact Name
  • ► Facebook
  • ► Twitter
  • ► LinkedIn
  • ► Google Plus



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Writing Solutions


Writing Solutions



  • Articles & Blog Posts
  • Press Releases
  • Transcription
  • Legal Writing
  • Other ( Ask)



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UK Telemarketing Solutions

Our goal is to make UK Telemarketing fast and simple.
We offer Quality business telemarketing and sales lead generation services including Appointment & Generation, Research & Surveys, Data Cleansing development and relationship ..


 Telemarketing calls for your company. To help Promote your Products and Services .  Contact 500 leads and increase  product or service Sales revenue, percentage wise. 

  • The calls will be made professionally using a wired high speed internet with a headset 
  • All calls can be record for quality and control purposes by the company 
  • Companies MUST  have preferred application for placing calls.
  • A sales script should be provided  or we can will create one


First of all, 100% satisfaction guarantee on every kind of project. Experience in Cold Calling and appointment setting (B2B & B2C). The projects completed in past with success are Life Insurance, Merchant accounts, Wholesale product selling, Business loan, Manufacture sectors, Social media assistance, Marketing solutions, Energy, Telecom services, Cable/TV/Telephone services, Recruitment service, SEO, Web design, and development, Mobile application and many more.

Cold Calling packages are below:

1.    25-30 Outbound Calls = £15

2.    75-100 Outbound Calls = £30

3.    100-150 Outbound Calls = £40

4.    150-200 Outbound Calls = £55

5.    250-300 Outbound Calls = £90

6.    500-750 Outbound Calls = £150

Please note follow-up and leaving voicemails are also included in the above packages.

"If you don't have a calling list. We can provide one within your required location  from £15



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Public Relations Solutions

  • Write and distribute press releases
  • Speech writing
  • Write pitches (less formal than press releases)
  • Conduct market research on your message
  • Copy writing and blogging for the web (create content)
  • Social media promotions and responses to negative opinions online

Featured in papers, blogs, radio stations grow your email marketing list,increase your social media following 

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